Security Cameras

Covenant Systems Security Cameras

The ability to see what is happening in or around your facility without being present insures another level of comfort, freedom, and peace of mind. Covenant Systems will customize a plan of action that uniquely fits your camera install needs and provide coverage of all areas of concern and security. With integrated mobile apps, text message alerts and live video feeds, see your site or facility at the touch of button. With a wide range of lenses, indoor/outdoor, networked or standalone cameras, Covenant Systems can allow you to view a change in your lobby through active image memory or the range to read a license plate in your parking lot. Covenant Systems is here to assist in providing the camera solutions you desire and need.

  • Networked Camera Systems
  • Standalone Camera Systems
  • NVR/DVR install & setup
  • Remote site management/Programming
  • Troubleshooting/Repairs

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